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Bigbang - Heaven MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

love you, i remember you, heaven
la la la la-

you are everlasting heaven
you are my only heaven
[you are everlasting heaving 24/7 heaven

thought it would be the last, thought the second would never come
love that didn't suit me at all came to me this hot summer
my other half that i've waited and waited for, i always had a dream about you
you are my resting place in my heart,
i want to stare and stare again, give and give again
i feel thirsty because of flutter, why does my love run away
i am mad, it's not going how i wanted, i can't understand
but i don't want to lose you, i don't want to be apart from you
you are the one in my life you are more beautiful than heaven

i love you, i call you, i remember you, i wait for you
your one phrase, that “i love you” phrase
i love you i remember you (i remember your everything)

tears of sorrow, sky, star, and heaven

you breathe in my every lifestyle
i see only your name in my phone without knowing

i hold your hands several times in one day
i feel like i have everything when i kiss you

oh baby a sweet aroma from mini-hompi that i visit everyday
oh baby a short text message is too short to express my love

people make fun of me, (but) i feel happy everyday
(oh baby i feel alive these days) because of you

everyday i am afraid; what if you leave me again, become vague from me

(i feel) so thankful, (i) love you so much, you are the only person in the door of heaven insïde of my heart

my heaven

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