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Lirik Lagu

supa-bien, uh
cuban on my chain
how my b-tches get the linkin
money on my mind
if you gon ask me what i'm thinkin'
skateboard p
how my jewelry gets to clinkin'
dank og how my clothes gon end up stinkin

i'm doin' supabien, i'm sorry how are you? (how are you?)
alright now back to me, i on that that gin and juice
(i'm on that gin and juice)
they told me never go easy on b-tches
if ever i'm in the booth
ran outta paper
writing my bars on the bible
i been the truth (been the truth)
i still fear the lord
still do what i want
i guess i'm a sinner too (sinner too)
'cause i'm into fine b-tches, and i'm into ni99as too
ain't never been son'd
ain't never been n0body's yout since i been in school
couldn't walk in my tennis shoes
couldn't run in my winter boots (winter boots)
money mixed with envy
makes me problems
problems i got plenty
since i got the money
life is gucci
don't let no b-tch dress me
don't let no man stress me
snakes in my garden just slithered out (slithered out)
koman ou ye
brought my hitters out (hitters out)
i might just bring karen civil out
word to my zoe man, ‘
cause i chase nothing but dough man
i want monopoly
i'm talkin' credit like 800 or better
i want a lot for me, i want to own my own property
bankroll, bankroll, big tings, big robe
rain drop, rainbows, peng tings, pesos
aye, aye, let's go (aye, aye, let's go)

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