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Azealia Banks - The Chamber MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[azealia banks]
they is satan here to sn-tch ya soul
this is your funeral
they viewing you, how i'm doing you
time to make this casket closed
each one of y'all acts exposed
c-town mobsters
cause y'all just like what mobsters like to eat, y'all im-pastas
this is coco, realest raps heard around the world
it's like hooters, cause you came here to get served by a girl
the mob boss got caught without his armor on
jacked the king, look how easy it is to con da don
ya whole crew is trash, time for me to tutor cl-ss
one plus one equals corny, all you do is add
add these other two, equals group without a clue of swag
that just got subtracted and y'all asian, y'all can do the math

[mc jin]
man, i hate you folks with these asian jokes, be original
if you're gonna take a quote, please make it dope
let's take a vote, think she could be a stripper with all them rolls?
d-mn coco, looking h-lla bad on them poles
awh, pitiful, but here's where it gets critical
cause you all up on malik -ss and he ain't even into you
you dream about him, but he don't check for you on your sick day
he should call you nap, you only good for a quick lay
i'm serious, the end is now, time for bow
i said, i said, hold up wait
i said i'm serious, the end is now

[azealia banks]
d-mn right it's time for bed
with the nursery rhymes you said
my momma said you fall for everything if you stand for nothing
this for my independent women who don't need a man for nothing
cause now the rules is switching
think we're only good for cooking and cleaning
well now you getting cooked and you gon' do these dishes
it's clear as viet cong
he think because he a guy that i'd be scared to talk fly
nah, got that amelia earhart
this is a waste and i ain't playing with you chumps
i'm rosa parks with the lead cause i'm staying in the front
h-llen keller, anne frank, cleopatra, billie jean
i'm harriet tubman, i run the underground by any means
just some famous women before you brag about what men can do
but enough with the history cause now it's time to finish you
listen con, you minuscule, three feet at the swimming pool
b-ms scr-pe you like gum off the bottom of my tennis shoe
who wrote the iv like 4 in roman numerals
i pull the plug on 'em, told y'all this they funeral

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