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Azealia Banks - La Dominadora MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: ab]
i could pop the p-ssy like a cola-c-ka
take the stick of bubble
if you ballin, bet em double
bet the base, i'll break ya
i could make the call and get the
and getcha ace to snake ya
it's that primadona, diva don
let's get that f-ckin' cake up

look at that feminine switch
look at her lickin' her lips
look at that body, – my n-gg-s they love me
i whip it in circles
they spend like they owe me
i get it, i get it, i get it
b-tches be all in they feelings
got the game on lock, the illest and i run it
n-gg-s come about a dime a f-ckin dozen
you could think ya hot, but who already done it
b-tches talkin sh-t but never got budgets
you know what it is
that's what it, that's what it is
then f-ck what it is
it's always official whenever i'm at

[verse 2: ab]
doin' – it propa
i flew in on a choppa
i pull up, i shock em
all my whips colossal
this is s-xy, persuasive
my house on 40 acres
i wake up, count cake, yup
that's million dollar pay stubs
buncha lawyers and bankers
email me my statements
rubber bands, silver lam
hunnid grand in my jacob
i see ya man, he a fan you a hater
you know rih gettin' cash
blowin' gas in the air

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