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Azealia Banks - Esta Noche MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

esta noche

[verse 1:]
tonight's the night, the mood is right
anything i choose he buys
i observe by his shoes and ties
he prefer the exclusive kind
converse over booze and wine
tonight's the night, the jewels is bright
any way i move he likes
he is searching for cutie pie
he could scoop and sign
keep a boo dressed down to my louboutins
keep my calm and keep my cool
heard you got a girlfriend but she's a deuce
wanna see a little bambi in the nude?
chocolate candy, liqorice too
wanna book a ticket, get physical soon
head of the cl-ss, but i got prinic-p-ls too
arching my back give them a view (ah)
he wanna taste the cinnamon too
s-x is a race, i'm winning it too
i'm a rude b-tch but i like gentlemen
who spend dividends, benjis, residuals too
when he, put it in i'm remembering you
who's his girlfriend, never a clue, what? (what?)

[bridge: montell jordan (azealia banks)]
girl if it's alright (h-llo)
we'll both make love and get it on tonight
let's get it on
i got a girl (yeah) but you look good tonight
you look so good baby (ha)
it's one on one tonight babe, tonight (ha, ha)
let's go

drink in my hand, hand on my chip
a vamp b-tch do it like this
here with your man, hand on my hip
a bad b-tch do it like this
drink in my hand, hand on my chip
a vamp b-tch do it like this
here with your man, hand on my hip
a bad b-tch do it like this
i entice, i supply what your girlfriend can't provide
that tight grip tw-t, i got that slip and slide
you got that top, tonight's the night, more like
i'm your type, it's alright, young and right
delay your flight and stay the night
out of sight, out of mind
dim the lights and lay the pipe



[verse 2:]
these weak b-tches talkin' out of their neck
banks 'bout: money, power, respect
old girl on powderin necks
old girl owe some power, respect
n-gg-s took the flower then jet
should've stuck to the script instead of suckin' on sect
b-mp on the d-ck, never forget
these n-gg-s is hexxed…

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