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you know, like (giggles) x2

so, where are you from?
oh yeah?
so, do you speak any french?
where am i from?
i'm from new york

new york (x5)

so, what's your sign?
are you an aquarius? you act like an aquarius
what's so f-cking funny?!?!

[verse 1]

you know my liberty ain't?? clean and my ghetto fancy
if your man spits the digits, i'mma spend his d-mn change
i'mma vamp with the ribbon and the little panties
when i pound?? to the rhythm and these b-tches can't breathe
and she a lead, she a d-mn champion
do the dance for you n-gga like a d-mn banji (ha)


it's little little bam-bambi
i know all these b-tches really can't stand me
can't stand me (x4)

so bang it against the wall
no one wants to see you fall down
the repet-tion k!lls you (x2)
put your hands over your eyes


i mean like, what the f-ck are we supposed to do now?
do you guys do drugs?
well, you should try it, i bet you'd really really f-ckin' like it…

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