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Avenged Sevenfold - Walk Live MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[speaking: matteo]
let's go!

(re~spect, walk, re~spect, walk)

[verse 1: matteo]
can't you see i'm easily bothered by persistence
one step from lashing out at you
you want in to get under my skin
and call yourself a friend
i've got more friends like you
what do i do?

[pre~chorus: matteo, m. shadows & synyster gates]
is there no standard anymore?
what it takes, who i am, where i've been belong
you can't be something you're not
be yourself, by yourself
stay away from me
a lesson learned in life
known from the dawn of time

[chorus: matteo, m. shadows, & zacky vengeance]
re~spect, walk
what did you say?
re~spect, walk

[speaking: zacky vengeance]
f~ck yeah

[speaking: synyster gates]
very nice matteo, very f~ckin' nice

[speaking: m. shadows]
matteo f~ckin' rules, right?
thank you matteo
yo bro, matteo, matteo, you can stay up here if you want, come hang out on stage motherf~cker
if my voice starts hurting i know who to call
alright brother that was fun, that was a good time, now lets head on over to f~ckin' bat country
what do you all say?

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