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Asian Doll - Real Bitch Anthem MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

aye, the f-ck this n-gg- calling my phone, what?
n-gg- you can't check me, you gotta check for me?
do you got some bands for me?
yeah, did you ever give me something?
h-ll nah, get your goofy -ss outta her boy

i can't stand no broke -ss n-gg- sit down
always calling me for money trying to smoke my loud
they be some fans
tweaking, acting like your regular b-tch
i know these n-gg-s p-ss, boy you can't s-x sh-t
i need some neck b-tch
i shot your new b-tch
that hoe ain't real as me, that b-tch can't even get rich
jumped out the porch, i was so young, my mind been set
all them hundreds, and them fifties can't be a dollar less
i know a n-gg- groupie, he call me pretty p-ssy
he give me money cause i'm boujie and my hoodie coogie
i got on makeup still look better then your f-cking momma
why you faking like you got it boy your pockets dying
last week you hit me up, i gave you no reply
don't give a f-ck about a thot n-gg-s bound to die
quit that f-cking lying, i keep an att-tude
you ain't a real n-gg- stunting in your homies shoes
you got a pent house, with bout six dudes
all your crack cards scamming to you out the loot
i am from outta sp-ce, finesse a n-gg-s face
they just wanna f-ck a famous b-tch off instagram
i be turning n-gg-s down like a bowling alley
i got thirties and my b-tches throw they t-tties out
dumb -ss n-gg-, who's a sl-t you got the wrong b-tch
stay in my dm's on that goofy -ss thirsty sh-t
see you in person, i'm to clean, i can't even speak
your brain so small from that lean and all that sh-tty weed
hyping p-ssy -ss rappers head cause they got clout
go get your own, see lil' asian i'ma get it now
gotta different n-gg-, different day, no talk it out
be in the studio with barbie b-tch we be cute off drugs
her p-ssy loose as f-ck, you f-cked her anyways
basic -ss n-gg-, sent her on a get away
go f-ck around and catch eights or a raping case
can't praise no n-gg- with no cheap -ss mixtape
no dinner dates, lunch dates, just give me sloppy face
and when you done n-gg- don't act like we go together
was broke alone ain't no n-gg- give me no cheddar
my brother taught me bout you f-ggot -ss buzz k!llers
drugs dealers, treeba, yeah take a n-gg-s check
this the song where my b-tches gon' get they respect
he was lacking off that drank you coulda hit a stain
but you a real young b-tch don't want no n-gg- chain
and don't you wanna boss up and stay out n-gg-s face
it's a difference from a groupie and a gang member
i don't know n-body but my mans can't hang with her
pillow talking bout your mans for a name n-gg-
lame -ss n-gg-, dirty trash n-gg-
with them small -ss dreads i'm on your -ss n-gg-
tripping bout a hoe you n-gg-s through
we don't care just want some throat
i have n-gg-s they be act pretend like they don't know you though
i'll write on your instagram page and like your pictures and dm you
n-gg- who the f-ck you think you is?
i don't know you!
this my world, swerve a n-gg- like a cinnamon roll
all these n-gg-s be hoes
all these n-gg-s be through with them same -ss clothes
n-gg- who you think you is, i be pimpin' on a b-tch
i don't give a f-ck about a n-gg- if he was rich
n-gg-s they be spazzing they be trying to beat a b-tch
but lil' asian, i ain't going yeah my thirty got a clip
and my purse cost a grip and my pants cost a g
lame n-gg-s they be talking yeah these n-gg-s i can't see
anywhere i go, you know the doll yeah she's vip
i ain't even gotta speak i bet the bouncers know me

gang, b-tch, what the f-ck?
aye, these n-gg-s goofy as h-ll
i better not see another n-gg- sneak dissing no b-tch on instagram
period, yeah, yeah, that way!

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