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Arash Buana - Stars MP3 dan Lirik Lagu


Berikut adalah lirik lagu Arash Buana - Stars dari Arash Buana. untuk download lagu ini scroll sampai akhir lirik.

Lirik Lagu

i was looking for the stars
gazing from afar
some would say that i will never know
if i didn't really go and find it on my own

funny we've come very far
if i could just restart
from the time when you came whining onto me
said u had a bad dream just so i'll sing you to sleep

who would've guessed i'd fall in love
something so pure and even more

i'll leave soon
far from you
please hold me til i disappear

what if we were meant apart
will i still have your heart
but it's okay i guess if i just get replaced
i know i can't complain cause i'm the one to blame

i just can't bare on seeing you cry
and i know you'll keep on asking why

that i'll leave soon
far from you
please hold me til i disappear
but before i do
just know that i love you
i'm sailing to somewhere new
i hear your voice keep calling out
i'm slowly losing my breath now
you keep on shouting my name out
it's time to leave i'll see you south

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