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Alec Benjamin - The Book Of You I MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[verse – 1]
well it all began in the back of her car
i was just 16 but i fell so hard
well the years went by and she held my heart
but her love ran dry and we fell apart
i felt her growing distant
i knew the love was shifting
and all that i could say was

don't tell me that it's over
the book of you & i
now you've scribbled out my name
and you erased my favourite lines
there were so many chapters that we never got to write
like cereal for dinner and staying up all night
i remember where we started
i remember how you looked
but now i'm missing bits and pieces
from the pages that you took
you never gave a reason and i'll forever wonder why
we never got to finish the book of you and i

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