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Abhi The Nomad - Fireflies MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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i'm known to start it off with “open-ness”
my thinking cap is holy potion
twist it off and open it
you closer to holy water than popes pissing
i'm kobe beefing a pessimist, this is my inhibition
mystical misfits mingle 'cause we match
i'm living it minimalistic on a mattress
materialistic cats are looking to act a rapper
rather they fathom f-cking an actress, f-ck is the p-ssion?
i'd rather be hungry than stuck in a mansion
man i heard 'em speak, if i ain't talking business then my shit is weak?
you the type of cat to get to licking the -ss and kissing the cheek
made of nothing but money that mama paid
stacking bread as fake as replacing jam with marmalade
comma, wait
walk a day without a wallet, you'll see your soul is pocket-shaped
mine be the rockets shooting off to where 2pac is laid
it's not human to be rocking it custom-made
when our brothers and sisters are locked in a bottom grave
so give me a spot to pray, pray to my thoughts
pray to my cause, pray to praying
'cause i'm slave to no gods
and f-ck a bible, it's all about survival
i'ma get a couple on board when it's tidal
noah, noah, yeah he's making the ark
and i'm making the art
and i'm making 'em sink past the surface of heart
'cause this is deeper than rap
and i'm deep as c-ck swallow, b-tch i do it myself
busting in socks, hollow-loving
nomad will burn down your bandwagon
thinking that you're fresh in a spin cycle, that's tragic
scratching pink with your fingerprint
baby mama's tits might be big, but her attitude is bothering
i could get her wet but i left her upset and hollering
we held hands and i came back with a palm of lint
guess she's dry as a dumb mind
with no further introspection of the sublime
thus i…

live good, eat good

live good, eat good

bright, as gold as midas
touch it and you will find it
you are standing beside it
i am here to remind ya
you are the only highness
you are a spitting image
of everything you desire
everything you aspire is part of you higher
being that you can be


west coast, what up?
india, what up?
whole world, get up
one love, one love

no flags

west coast, what up?
india, what up?
whole world, get up
one love, one love

no flags, no hurt

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