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8th Harmony - I Dont Mean It Rough MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


i know i that i can say some-things to you
but i don't mean it
i know i that i can do somethings to you
but i don't mean it
i just e-motional (i don't mean it)
when i said that i don't love you so (i don't mean it)

verse 1

the words that we never mean to say
always seem to last longer in the brain
i believe there is truth in pain
so apathy i do not display
but i think others displace definitions
new-found semantics, readily take its position
if love is a lesson pay in-tuition, attention
read about it, realise the difference
real life application mixed with scepticism
they tell you it isn't love, but love differs
enough with their skewed views and their perfect pictures
cropping out grey skies, colour grading richer mixtures
instagram it, retweet on twitter
frame it in the mind, sell it to the highest bidder
who's willing to pay 6 figures?
the portrait you thought was 6 feet, is 6 inches


verse 2

love is a war, here comes the drones
its plain to see the moans
especially when repet-tion comes along
boredom lives in the home
spontaneity dies out guarding the cornerstone
of what makes a couple, a couple
unable to reb-ttal the trouble
first it seems subtle, able to funnel
n' shuffle the scuffles, when it becomes a hustle
will you fight to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
huh, whoa, that's on you
you may say some things you usually wouldn't do
you ain't reclined so far, but sit too comfortable
what was noticeable becomes un-noticeable
she may seek attention from other dude
he may seek the same attention from another root
but love is true, so even if you lie in another's arms
briefly, your partner will never stop loving you

chorus x3

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