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Lirik Lagu

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sc-m gang

n-gg-s running out they mouth but they never pop out
i got the drop on your spot everybody watch out
all my n-gg-s on 50 so you know we hopped out
mobbed out, opps out, we gon' shoot where we about
all my n-gg-s really gang bang, tote that d-mn slang
rap about it, do the same thing, let your nuts hang
we gon' pull up, n-gg-, andale, on sangre
we post up, we don't do the race, you gon' die today
in the spot, blow 50 bands, sh-t, 100 bands
sh-t, my pockets on a running man, f-ck a rubber-band
imma f-ck her in a handstand, she a fan man
need the drugs, i'm the xan man, i'm the d-mn man

[verse 1]
i roll up i'm gon' be booted, stupid
and shoot a stupid
brought a knife, i brought a ruger, stupid
i really do this
if i tote it then you know i shoot it
and imma prove it
back back, don't be moving stupid
oh i'mma use it

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